Shaggy Hairstyles You Will Love

Every era has its own signature looks and styles that it is known for in the years to come. The 1980s, for instance, are known to have been the starting point for shaggy hairstyles, a new hair trend that was followed by both men and women at the time. The shaggy hairdo, or shag for short, became so popular that it carried on well into the 1990s and is sported by some even today. The look became a rage when celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Momsen and Winona Ryder sported the look, making it relevant even to the present times.

Some popular shaggy hairstyles for women:

The good thing about shaggy haircuts for women is the fact that they are not limited to any hair length and can be worked around, no matter what your hair’s length might be. The look can be made to look equally appealing whether you have long tresses, shoulder-length hair or a cropped look. Some of the popular shaggy haircuts are:

Short shag:

The shorter version of shaggy hairstyles is meant for those who find themselves challenged due to the constant maintenance requirements of long tresses. In fact, the short shag is a practical haircut, which is defined by multiple layers and adds sophistication to the look along the way. Winona Ryder’s short shag is the perfect example of how well the shaggy hairdo can look if you choose to keep your hair length short. The look can also be incorporate in pixie cut and short bob hairstyles.

short shag haircuts

Shoulder-length shag:

The shoulder length shag was epitomized by Jennifer Aniston during the 1990s, with her iconic hairstyle that came to be known as ‘The Rachel’, the name of Jennifer’s character on her hit sitcom ‘Friends’. The hairstyle gained so much popularity among the women during those days that it quickly became the most followed trend of the time, with almost every other woman sporting ‘The Rachel’. Jennifer had further added character to the style by adding subtle highlights.

shoulder lenght shags

Long shag:

Although they look sophisticated and beautiful, long shags are the most high-maintenance of all shaggy hairstyles. For longer tresses, the hair is cut into three layers. The front is normally styled into bangs, while the rest of the hair is divided into 2 more layers. To add life to the style, most stylists suggest adding a hint of tinted highlights that can take this elegant look go several notches high.

long shaggy hairdos