2015's Best Wordpress Themes

"My Product" Theme

Sometimes, you'll need a website that just promotes one product -- and that's what My Product theme does. Showcase that one item you're selling in this attractive theme that funnels customers toward a "buy now" or "join today" page. Also great for AdWords landing pages.

Wordpress 101For the Total Beginner...You'll actually need Wordpress, first!

Wordpress has quickly become the most versatile blogging software platform. It's free, you can install it on your own server, and use your own URL. Best yet are the themes that transform it from a blog into anything that a CMS can do.

Wordpress.com is the site that hosts a Wordpress blog for you. Pros: Nothing to download, a server account isn't needed. Cons: restricted customization, very little expandability.

Wordpress.org is the site where you can download Wordpress software and run it on your server. You'll have total control over the look and feel of your blog using this method. Pros: 100% design/control over your blog, ability to use a URL for your blog. Cons: You need a hosting account and a domain name. Is that really a "con," anyway?

A Note About Free vs. 'Premium' Themes: This might already be obvious, but there's almost always a reason why free Wordpress themes are free: they are typically abandoned and tend to go un-supported within a year or two of their creation. Premium themes, however, are taken seriously by their developers. Their cost usually includes a lifetime of free theme upgrades. You'll NEED that, and that's why you'll have to pay for most of the best Wordpress themes out there.

5 Important Wordpress Theme AttributesFor website longevity...and peace of mind!

1) It's Responsive: The term means your theme is capable of auto-resizing or reformatting itself to conform to the dimensions of a tablet or smartphone, and this is one of the foremost attributes of today's best evowpthemes Wordpress themes. If your Evo site isn't mobile, you're missing out on monumental opportunities. Ever notice how annoying it is to use a website that you have to constantly pinch-and-expand? Case in point. A theme that is smart-device ready will save you major headaches from having to script a separate "mobile" version of your site, too.

2) It Uses Shortcodes: A newer inclusion in Wordpress. Shortcodes are basically quick ways for you to insert common elements in a page that would normally take more time and effort to create in your style.css file. They usually include "warning" boxes, icon bullets, drop-caps and other things that take time to code. Thanks to shortcodes, all you'll have to do is type something like [warningbox] in a page, and the warning box will appear. The codes vary and depend on what your theme designer has included in your Wordpress theme.

3) It Has A Grid: Yet another new feature seen in today's Wordpress themes is a "grid" layout. This most likely refers to the 960 grid, which is becoming more commonly seen as integrated with today's themes. It allows you to create two, three, four (or way more) column layouts within the body area of a Wordpress post or page.

4) Widgets: You'll thank yourself for getting a fully widgetized Wordpress theme, because it's awfully annoying to have to code it yourself on a theme that doesn't have many widgets. In case you didn't know, widgets are areas reserved on your website (typically the sidebar(s) and footer) where you can drop in code, text or applets and have them appear instantly, rather than having to hard-code these things in by hand.

5) New WP "Menus": One of the newer features of this next-generation version of Wordpress are menus that finally work the way we all wanted them to. Now baked in to today's Wordpress version, you can custom tweak exactly what makes it into your top menu (and what doesn't), down to the page! You can even change the order with simple drag-and-drop. However, your theme must have been made to accommodate new menus. Generally, any theme supporting Wordpress 3.0+ has this feature already.

Don't Forget Support! Personally, I wouldn't buy a theme from a designer who never responds to comments or updates their theme. Everything about your theme should be about the future, and what happens to it when Wordpress gets upgraded! The worst case scenario is to have a broken theme and no support from the designer.

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