NBA Power Rankings: 2012 free agency, trades and current 2013 odds

There is no off-season for the gambler. Keeping up with players jumping from team to team, having off the field issues, and other circumstances, can always have a breakdown on how the odds get to be where they are.

Take for example the Orlando Magic.

You couldn't throw a penny on this team with the current situation they are in. Dwight Howard is demanding a trade, and the 50,000 rumors that follow him make Orlando a losing bet.

They may even face worse odds in the fall if Howard actually stays with the team. There is nothing worse than having to play a guy, especially a star, who has expressed how badly he wants out of town.

When making long term bets, such as betting on the champion when the season starts, it's good to look for up-and-comers and remember how teams finished the year before.

Right now if I had to pick a team to wager on it would be the Bulls, Lakers or Clippers; and here is why:

They all have talent, they all have experience and they are all hungry.

But the biggest reason is the payouts. The Bulls, Lakers and Clippers, yes the Clippers, are all talented enough to get on a late season run and shock the world next season. Just look at what the 76ers did last year.

Gambling is no different than the stock market in many ways. It's easy to say put all your money into 'Apple' or 'Google' because the odds of those companies to continue to perform well right now are great.

But the risk may not be worth the reward, unless you have Donald Trump money and want to put up millions to make pennies.

That's why the taruhan bola online Miami Heat are not on my short list this early in the off-season. 5/2 odds are not good at all for a championship prop bet.

Add to all that we taruhan bola still don't know where several key free agents will land, or what trades are still to come.

Here is a list of my early 2012-13 NBA power rankings and their odds to win next year's championship.

Who is your early pick?

1) Miami (5/2)2) Oklahoma City (4/1)3) San Antonio (7/1)4) Chicago (10/1)5) Indiana (40/1)6) LA Clippers (25/1)7) LA Lakers (12/1)8) Boston (25/1)9) Memphis (50/1)10) Dallas (100/1)11) Denver (60/1)12) Atlanta (35/1)13) Orlando (50/1)14) New York (75/1)15) Utah (75/1)16) Philadelphia (65/1)17) Houston (100/1)18) Minnesota (100/1)19) Portland (100/1)20) Milwaukee (150/1)21) Phoenix (75/1)22) Washington (250/1)23) Golden State (300/1)24) Detroit (300/1)25) Toronto (200/1)26) Sacramento (200/1)27) New Orleans (200/1)28) New Jersey (200/1)29) Cleveland (300/1)30) Charlotte (300/1)

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