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One of the most important things that one needs to understand when trying to find the best fertility clinic London is what the success rates are.

What are success rates?

The HFEA presents success rates for every licensed clinic.

Success rates show the number of treatments carried out by the clinic in a particular year and the number of pregnancies or live births that were born as a result.

The success rates we publish should only be used as a general guide to a clinic’s performance. The majority of clinics’ success rates are around the national average.

There are other factors important when choosing a clinic, for example its location, the treatments and services it offers and the staff available. You may also want to look at the HFEA inspection reports for a clinic.

So when searching for a London Fertility Clinic this is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind.

Here are some other important questions you should ask yourself when searching for the best London fertility clinic to go to:

- why do success rates differ between clinics?

- how can i see success rates relevant to me?

- how do we present clinics' success rates

How do we present clinics’ success rates?

we show a clinic’s success rates in three different ways:

Whether the clinic’s success rate is above, below or consistent with the national average success rate across all clinics.

The actual number of treatment cycles a clinic carried out and how many of those cycles resulted in a live birth.

The predicted chance of an average woman having a live birth if she was treated at this clinic

There are different ways to measure the success of an IVF or ICSI treatment. For example you can look at how likely a treatment cycle will lead to a live birth or how likely each embryo that is transferred during treatment will lead to a live birth. We show both live birth per cycle started and live births per embryo transferred.

As you can see London fertility clinics or London fertility fertility clinic london centres countrywide will have a set standard and grades to meet and thus have to meet the same criteria.

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