Ronda rousey UFC fights

Fighting nowadays is more than just boxing or karate. Mixed martial arts is becoming more and more popular at present because a lot of people want to see real battles as different martial artists all over the world exhibit their abilities in different fighting disciplines. The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the most popular company that introduced mixed martial arts to the U.S., started in 1993 with its first fight that includes different fighting sports such as wrestling, boxing, ronda rousey vs holly holm, and a lot more. Ultimately, the UFC wants to showcase the best fighting style that is both offensive and defensive.

In the early years, the attention of different US authorities were called because of the violence and danger of the UFC fights. As years go by, the organization tied up with different governing bodies for sports, thus, new rules were formulated to make the fights more legitimate. However, ronda rousey ufcUFC was on the spotlight s. At present, it draws large crowds of viewers all over the world, and a number of UFC fights were held in various cities in other countries such as Japan, Brazil, and in other European countries. Fighters now are not just Americans, but a lot come from different nations.

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