How to Keep Your Garage Door Safe

There is no reason to mention numbers and official statistics. When it comes to garage door accidents, one injury is one too many! What's more important for all of us is to understand why accidents happen in the first place and what we can do to keep them limited to zero. With the means and plethora of products today, things could be different. Wondering why? Don't look at your garage door opener; consider your actions and your daily habits. Somewhere between your daily routine and the decisions you often take, you might discover the reasons why we are still talking about injuries today.

Take the right precautions today

Let's consider the nature of accidents first. Most people get their fingers injured but there are hardly few the cases where they get hit by springs or hurt by collapsing overhead doors. With children being the number one victims, consider how often your kids play around the moving door, climb on it, put their fingers in the tracks or hinges, or speed under the closing panel. So, the first rule is to keep some rules in the house. With the family staying away from the moving door, accidents are unlikely to happen.

Is that enough? The truth is that it takes more actions to avoid entrapment, hurt fingers and amputated hands. It's not surprising that manufacturers keep producing garage door parts, which are much safer than the most common ones. Today, you can find tamper resistant brackets and hinges so that you won't have to worry about anyone's fingers being caught in the joints or anyone getting hurt from the cables. It's also important to install safety cables if you have extension garage door springs, so that you are well protected in case they snap and break.

Of course, the golden rule of all precaution measures is the good and frequent maintenance of the entire system. With regular and proper Gilbert Garage Doors maintenance, tamper resistant parts and reasonable use of the door, you will have peace of mind and you will never have to deal with injuries or serious accidents at your home. As long as the safety features of the opener work alright, you stay away from the door and your kids understand that the door and clicker are not toys, you will be just fine. Safety might be the business of every homeowner, but each one of us is free to take his own decisions and do what he thinks it's right. The smart thing is to do what you think it's right before someone gets hurt.

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