Wall stickers, sconces, crystal illuminated mirrors

Our proposed wall sticker is a product that is designed from the ground up in order to emphasize the unique character to any interior. Available through us Decorative Wall stickers are perfect for decorating any private kitchen, living room or bathroom, but use them for themselves are also different kinds, offices, shops or offices.

If you care about the environment to your look stylish and original - decorative wall stickers from our assortment will help you achieve this goal. We strongly encourage you to become acquainted with the products you gathered in an interesting category. Certainly, here you will find something perfect for you.

We give you the opportunity to order interest you in any design, tailored to your needs size.

Foil stickers are waterproof - you can wash, suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms with high humidity. We sell a lot of designs in a wide range of colors and many sizes and continues to extend our offer.

The latest trend is velvet stickers, (will be available soon).

Sticker is made of soft velor, a velvety texture and beautifully presented on a wall or other surface. This material is thicker and more bulky than adhesive labels.

Wall stickers are the easiest and cheapest way to decorate your home.

All our stickers you can order to be made as wind-up bath toys painting stencil.

Simple stick to the wall and paint over.

Remove sticker when paint dry.

Our range of sconces are patent covered (designed and created by young student) and in unique design, excellent gift to some one you love.

These lamps are avaliable only in one EU country and from us in UK.

They are great solution for interesting wall decoration and additional source of light.

Check our range of modern and beautiful crystal illuminated bathroom mirrors.

Our mirrors are high quality crystal mirrors made in EU. The design of these mirrors is amazing.

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