Check Out The Best Adult Martial Art 2015

1) Karate – The Best Adult Martial Art

Defining the best martial art is nearly impossible, as many factors involves. However Karate is the most popular one, and you can often find adult-classes and amateur-classes near your home. Karate is very combat based, however the training often involves fun and challenging exercises that everyone can be a part of.

People mainly sign up for karate-lessons as a mixture of self-defence training, but also as physically training. You don’t have to be physically fit when you start at karate-lessons, so don’t worry about that.

Another thing that makes karate the best adult martial art is the fact that you don’t always need a teacher/partner. When you have learned the fundamentals you can watch lessons online on Youtube and other videosites, and learn new moves.

2) Jiu-Jitsu – Toptier Self-defence

For some people will Jiu-Jitsu be the best adult martial art, as it is way more defence-based. Karate is very combatbased and you will learn how to punch correctly, Jiu-jitsu teaches you more about how to dodge hits and knifestabs etc.

Just like with the karate, you don’t need any physically strength to begin with. Both karate and Jiu-jitsu has different “levels” which is indicated by the color of your belt. You can google the different belt-colors only. You will get a new belt as you get better, and your teacher/master approve that you have to experience to get the next belt.

Jiu-Jitsu classes can also be watched on Youtube. However, you will not be able to brag with your belt-color if you are only practicing at home, you have to show your master your experience. It is also recommended to go to real jiu jitsu classes as you often will need a partner to do the moves/defends on.

Don’t be afraid to go to Jiu Jitsu classes if you don’t have a partner already, you will often be able to practice with other adults at the classes who got no partner either, or you will be able to practice with the teacher/master.

3) Taekwondo – The Uprising Martial Art

Taekwondo is raising in popularity at this point, and more people are starten to take Taekwondo classes. Taekwondo has a lot of similarities to Karate. I will not consider Taekwondo as the best adult fitness martial art because of the fact that it is just a bit worse version of karate in my opinion. However, if your local club doesn’t provide karate-lessons i really recommend Taekwondo as an alternative.

The modern Taekwondo is a very new martial art, as it is only 50-60 years old. However, it has a lot of potential, and i think it will be a lot more popular in the future. Taekwondo has a lot of focus on kicks and if you search for taekwondo videos on youtube, you will also find a lot of fights including kicks.

The best adult martial art is, as you can see, very hard to define. If you want a very defence-based martial art i suggest Jiu-jitsu classes. If you want attackbased martial art, i think karate is the best adult martial art.

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